The darkest night of the year, a time to reenter the dark womb of Mother Sky, so that we can rest, reprieve and give birth to shining star for the New Year. The Winter Solstice is a time of deep contemplation when we are given the golden opportunity to be clear on our intentions, forge our deep prayers into the universal network so that they may be answered. Keep it simple. Here is how to set up  a perfect ritual space int he eve of this majestic day~ to clarify intentions, and reclaim your space of inner clam and composure ` setting the rhythmic tone for your coming year of health, happiness and creativity. Reflect on what has been working in your lives, what has not and what changes you would like to make:


  • seven white tea candles/matches
  • a japa mala (optional)
  • notebook and pen
  1. Find a quiet, serene corner in your home, or if you already have a meditation room or altar, simply add these items to it for your Winter Solstice Meditation.
  2. Place a red linen or cotton cloth on your altar, or small table. Light a ghee lamp (Dipa), or 7 white tea candles and set them in a  circle. Sit facing your altar.
  3. Use this mantra for your contemplation: Aham Priya Asmi~ I Am Love! or you may use the classical universal mantra “So’Ham” I am That.
  4. If you use a Jaya Mala (meditation beads) you may do three rotations of this mantra before beginning your Intention Prayer.
  5. Afterwards, write out your Winter Solstice Intentions in two columns (what you wish to attract and manifest in the New Year, and what you wish to change and let go of). Keep it brief in one line sentences.
  6. After you write these down, place the scribed intent close to your heart. Infuse them with trust- trust in your own power of intent- trust that the universe will stand by you, and support your dreams and wishes and heart’s desire.

May your Winter’s Solstice celebration be filled with light blessings.