About Mother Om Media®

The mission of Mother Om Media® is to produce, broadcast and disseminate more than 30 years of Maya Tiwari’s teachings through print and digital forms. This body of knowledge brings to light the healing secrets of the ancient Vedas, which Maya Tiwari has unearthed and recast for the modern world. This priceless work enables individuals to claim their birthrights: inner harmony, health and wisdom.

Mother Om Media® makes this powerful knowledge accessible by producing cost-effective media in print and digital form. Maya’s potent transmissions are embodied in her books & music and promote healing, peace, harmony, joy, love and redemption. These works enable people of all backgrounds to discover their own cosmic ability to nourish, nurture and heal themselves and their communities.

Mother Om Media® is a division of Wise Earth School of Ayurveda®, a 501c non-profit organisation dedicated to the dissemination of Vedic knowledge, education through books, CD’s and adjunct services.

Mother Om Media®, PO box 160, Candler, North Carolina 28715