Kitchen Sadhana

A Wise Earth Ayurveda Nutrition Program

Kitchen Sadhana

A Wise Earth Ayurveda Nutrition Program

Wise Earth Ayurveda: Kitchen Sadhana ( Food, Breath and Sound)

(a one-year guided study)

Tuition: $2,400

  • Train to become a WEA Lifestyle Consultant – a wellness mentor who works with community members and clients to help them achieve their Ayurveda health and wellness goals
  • Study with Maya Tiwari – the leading Ayurveda expert and pioneer in the field – and her superb team of Wise Earth Ayurveda Instructors
  • Learn over 100 Ayurveda principles to align with your soul’s purpose in serving Mother Earth each day
  • Join the Global Community of passionate holistic enthusiasts to nourish and heal yourself and the earth
  • Experience absolute joy of reclaiming innate intelligence in accord with Nature’s seasons and elements
  • Discover the Inner Medicine Sadhana practices to strengthen happiness and transform your health and to help others do the same
  • Realize your prosperity; launch a brand new career that nurtures your soul


Join this remarkable healer, a world-renowned Ayurveda Pioneer – Maya Tiwari – on an extraordinary journey to awaken your healing intuition and pristine awareness for the betterment of you, your family, and community.
When you learn to tap into the innate wisdom of Wise Earth Ayurveda: Food Breath & Sound you enjoin Mother Earth and become a powerful advocate for wellness and harmony in our world. You dissolve unconscious karmic ties that are holding you back and connect to the collective wisdom of nourishment.

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