Living Ahimsa Recipe: Sage and Lemon Tea

Living Ahimsa Recipe: Sage and Lemon Tea


In Sydney Australia we’re at the end of the winter which is citrus season for us, abundant lemons, oranges and the last few remaining mandarins are everywhere. The perfect time for a lemony tea.

Sage and Lemon Thyme Tea (recommended for winter season) 

3 cups water

2 tablespoons fresh sage leaves

1 teaspoon lemon thyme leaves

½ freshly juiced lemon

Bring water to boil, add all ingredients, strain and serve warm.  Sweeten with honey or maple syrup if desired.

Recipe is from ‘Living Ahimsa Diet’ by Maya Tiwari 

teapot pearlOf course you can use any range of herbs and spices in  your tea.  This beautiful images taken by Wise Earth Sadhaka Pearl, shows basil which is great for colds and flus and also balances vata and kapha (in India the traditional Holy Basil or Tulsi is used).

Additional ingredients to experiment with according to taste and need:

Turmeric – a ‘heal all’ herb turmeric is anti-inflammatory and boosts immunity.  If you can get it fresh, grate turmeric into your chai before straining.  If not a pinch of the dry powder will do.

Lemon rind – adds freshness and zing for a lighter brew.  Don’t add lemon juice to milky brews such as chai because this will curdle your chai, use grated zest instead.

Rose petals – adds a floral perfume to your tea, and look so pretty!

Liquorice root – Detoxifying and soothing liquorice is another herb with many healing benefits; it has quite strong flavour so only add a pinch.

Ginger – Warming in winter and delicious with other lighter herbs, best avoided by pitta types.