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Tell me about Wise Earth Ayurveda

Wise Earth School of Ayurveda is the first school for ayurveda teachings in the USA founded by spiritual guide and pioneer Maya Tiwari (formerly Mother Maya). Established in 1981, Wise Earth Ayurveda’s unique approach focuses on sadhana rather than a medicinal approach to healing.  Sadhana is a word which comes from the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit.  Sadhana implies being present with everything we do.  Sadhana is a universal prayer, an awareness which sets the tone for investing our good and loving energy into our lives.  

In the online programs at Wise Earth Ayurveda you will learn under the guidance and blessing of our holy teacher Maya Tiwari and receive support from the international faculty of Wise Earth Ayurveda Master Teachers.  

Tell me about the Kitchen Sadhana training

This comprehensive, certified 9-months long training includes video, audio, a beautifully presented workbook, quizzes, chanting audios and notes, interactive live webinars and a community forum to support your learning. The training is run over 1 year with a new lesson delivered to you online every 1-2 weeks.  There are 28 units, the first half of which are largely theoretical (learning about doshas and other elements of Wise Earth Ayurveda education such as the six tastes and the seasonal cycles); the second half of which is more practical (getting into your kitchen and making chapatis, masalas and chutneys for example).  At the end of the training you will complete a final multiple choice exam.  

The kitchen is the most sacred space in any home, considered so because the greatest opportunity for blessings and nourishment can happen there several times each and every day. Food prepared the sadhana way teaches us how to live simply and love completely.

How about Veganism and Ahimsa? Since Ahimsa is an important principal of Wise Earth Ayurveda do you recommend avoiding dairy products?

Below is an answer to this very common question that two of our senior teachers have put together:

“Ahimsa is the first teaching : the deepest. It begins with oneself, and is the greatest healer.

The long-time use of dairy in Ayurveda comes from the understanding of the deep nutrition available in milk and its byproducts. Of course, this is contingent on not harming the animal- actually loving an befriending the animal.

If using conventional or organic dairy conflicts with your deepening understanding of ahimsa, then don’t use it. If you use dairy, and go against your deeper understanding of ahimsa, it’s no longer sattvic or nourishing for you because you believe in your heart it is wrong….there’s a conflict.

Perhaps you (or another) obtain a cow, and take loving care of it, as the Hare Krishnas do. What then? The milk is sattvic to you. It aligns with your deeper understanding and belief. Ahimsa is there. Your belief is there. There is no inner conflict.

Karma, awareness, understanding and beliefs are unique to each of us. Don’t confuse the WEA teachings with your growing personal understanding of ahimsa and power of choice.

Milk in its pure form is sattvic and has many healing qualities…. this is the WEA teaching. The truth. What constitutes ‘pure form” is a whole other discussion… but does not change the original teaching. As stewards of WEA education, it’s important that we teach it in its pure form…not adjust it this way or that way. Just like the milk is most effective in its purest form, so are the teachings of WEA.

Pray for your own peace of mind and heart. Pray to understand and embrace ahimsa.”

Sarita-Linda Rocco
Laura Martin-Eagle

Who is the program for?  Professionals and lay-persons alike.

The program does carry an accreditation as a NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) Peripheral Program. http://www.ayurvedanama.org

In addition, this course is a tremendous opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and that of your community, family and friends.

The course is based on our previously offered ‘Food, Breath and Sound’ training and the level of education is open to all.  Because sadhana is about practice more than theory beginners will find the information accessible.  Equally, experienced practitioners and students of Ayurveda will find a very practical and ‘real life’ experience of Ayurveda in action through the training.  

When does registration open for the next round of training?

Please join our list to be notified when the next course date is announced: To join the list please look above on this page “Join Our List”;

What is the cost of the program? What are the payment plan options?

Tuition for March 20, 2020 :

There are two options;

Full one-time payment of $2400

Payment plan of $350 per month for 8 months 

DISCOUNT: Apply before February 20, 2020 and receive your Self Care-Self Aware for 2020 discount of $120. Use Coupon Code: FBS20205


The advantage of paying in full at the beginning is you will receive the full workbook in one go which you can print and bind and follow along each week.  Those on a payment plan will get the workbook components delivered to them on a fortnightly basis.

Are there any full or partial scholarships available?

Full or partial scholarships ( One per round of training) may be available to those in financial hardship who demonstrate how they will share the teachings in their community on a case by case basis. Preference is given to students from countries with less earning opportunities; Mostly scholarships will be offered to individuals whom we feel will bring the Wise Earth teachings out into communities that need them most such as under-privileged or at risk communities.  Please contact us for more information on this.  

How much time per week does the training take?

We estimate a study commitment of 5-8 hours per week (20-32 per month) but there will also be time spent in your kitchen as you prepare your daily meals which becomes part of this learning, as well as journaling, meditation and having a deeper relationship with the world around you.  It’s a life-enhancing, immersive experience. In addition to the study time we also ask that you complete online multiple choice quizzes and listen to audios / watch short videos on a fortnightly basis. We hope as a result of this training you will start to include pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and chanting into your daily routine.  All of these elements form part of the course content.  

What will I learn?

You’ll discover the compassionate ‘Living Ahimsa’ approach to eating as well as practicing healing chants for your own upliftment and for enhancing the vibration of the food you prepare. You will be inspired to create and live in sacred space, starting in very practical and accessible ways. You will feel how the breath reflects prana – the life force – and how to channel yours as a means for calming and clearing or energizing and invigorating. These Wise Earth teachings of Ayurveda can help you to understand your own wellness journey and support your friends and family in healing and nourishment, through the different seasons of the year and unfolding seasons of life.

What qualification will I gain for the Kitchen Sadhana Training?

Having completed this training and passed all the quizzes including the final one, you will receive a Wise Earth School Certificate with 500 hours (ACE – Ayurvedic Continuing Education) in the USA this is recognized by and approved in NAMA’s Peripheral Course category. This certification grants you the title of Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Lifestyle Consultant (anywhere in the world) which means you may use this education to consult privately or in a clinic, share your knowledge with your community in the field of holistic healing; serve as a community consultant and even instruct wholesome nutrition education as a Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Lifestyle Consultant. You may use the NAMA approved ACE’s to add to your continuing Ayurveda education points through Wise Earth School or any NAMA approved learning institutions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have further questions in this area. We currently have accreditation in the UK and Australia pending – please let us know if you’d like more information about this.

What are the career opportunities with this qualification? What will I be qualified to do?

Upon successful graduation you will be qualified to teach workshops to lay-people in your community on the food sadhanas as well as some breath and sound practices.  You can also integrate and incorporate the work into your existing health practice (if you currently practice or teach other modalities such as massage or yoga).   The qualification gained is that of Wise Earth Ayurveda Sadhana Lifestyle Consultant.

Can I study at my own pace?

Yes and no.  We strongly encourage you to keep up with the material and your peers so that we can all walk through this journey together and so that you can benefit from the online forums and discussions which will reflect each fortnights topic.  Having said that there is no penalty for ‘falling behind’ and if you need help catching up with your studies we will support you. For those who pay in full upfront you’ll get the whole workbook in advance too, so you can read ahead a little if you’d like to be prepared ahead of time.  

What are the components of the course?

The course includes audio recordings on each of the 28 units from Maya Tiwari, videos for some of the units, monthly mentoring sessions ( 1-2 sessions per month) which are in live ‘webinar’ format but are also recorded for those who can not attend live, short multiple choice quizzes for each unit, personal study and at the end a virtual conference day. In addition you will also receive a comprehensive downloadable PDF workbook as well as personal reflection guidelines and suggestions.  You will receive a range of audio chants to listen to and learn from by Maya Tiwari with an accompanying written guide.  We conclude with a multiple choice exam which covers the content of the entire course.

*Additional private one-on-one mentorship is available with our teachers at extra cost of $50 per session ( 45 minute online )

How do I access and keep course materials?

You will be able to download and keep the workbook and other PDF documents.  The videos and audios can’t be downloaded and will not be provided on DVD so you must have a reliable internet connection to view them.  The course can be viewed on mobile devices with a wireless connection.  Your login will remain active for 3 months after the course ends, after which time you will no longer be able to access the audio and video components.  The workbook is yours for life.  

What happens if I fail a quiz or the final exam?

If you fail an end of unit quiz you have 3 chances to go back and take the quiz; 80% is required to pass. If a quiz is not passed in 3 chances then you can have extra one-on-one mentor time for a $50 fee per call not to exceed one hour.

For the final exam one retake is allowed. If you do not pass, the same one-on-one mentor time is available for the same fee. 

We want you to succeed and we do offer flexibility to those that need extra time to study.

I am vegan / gluten free / allergic to nuts etc. can I still take this course?

Yes!  All modules offer options for specific food requirements.  The course is completely vegetarian and is plant-based but includes ‘milk / ghee’ as it is traditional and central to Ayurveda. We encourage you to source your dairy products from local organic farms that treat their cows with love and respect.

What is the Wise Earth Ayurveda food philosophy?

Wise Earth Ayurveda focuses on sadhana (conscious spiritual practice and mindful awareness) and on ahimsa (non-violence).  The food recommendations are vegetarian.

Is the Darshana CD and Chant Booklet part of the course? 

Yes it is included! If you’d like to purchase it aside from the course you can here and you will receive a link to download it right away:

What if I fall behind in my studies?

We are really keen to keep you on track and support you through to graduation.  Sometimes learning online can be challenging because keeping motivation up on your own is hard.  However because this training is all about something we all do everyday anyway (preparing and imbibing food) its not so hard to transform your cooking and eating habits to a sadhana approach.  You will find the more you engage with the studies and with fellow students (which we will facilitate) the more you will be inspired to keep up.  If you are falling behind we will contact you and try to make a plan to help you get back on track.

I’m not a great cook is that OK?

Yes.  The lessons are simple (although cultivating mindful awareness is a lifetime’s work!) and you will be given lots of wonderful recipes to follow and fall in love with.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?  

We offer a refund up to 30 days before the course commences.  After this time in general we have a NO REFUNDS POLICY, except for exceptional circumstance in which we will usually offer a course credit.

Will I be eligible for professional liability insurance once I graduate?

You will need to check with your insurance company in your country of residence.  In Canada and US it is different state by state and province to province.  Liability insurance may not be required in some states but you should check with your local governing body.  In addition Ayurveda is not yet legally regulated in USA or Canada although NAMA provide a framework for regulation which credible practitioners adhere to.

As a guide in Australia the insurance bodies recognise various modalities in different ways. For example if you are a yoga teacher, doula or naturopath you can add ‘ayurvedic lifestyle consultancy’ to your existing insurance. It is best to check with your own insurance company to be sure.


om namah