Course Outline

The Wise Earth Ayurveda: Kitchen Sadhana ( Food, Breath and Sound) online training is a comprehensive, certified one-year training including video, audio, a beautifully presented workbook, quizzes, chanting audios and notes, interactive live webinars and a community forum to support your learning. The training is run over 9 months with a new lesson delivered to you online every 1-2 weeks.

There are 28 units, the first half of which are largely theoretical (learning about doshas and other elements of Wise Earth Ayurveda education such as the six tastes and the seasonal cycles); the second half of which is more practical (getting into your kitchen and making chapatis, masalas and chutneys for example).

The 28 units are broken down into five parts, please find an outline below.

There will also be bonus materials uploaded to our online learning platform including a visual guided tour of the Wise Earth School Sadhana Kitchen, an illustrated guide to the ‘Six Tastes’ of Ayurveda and a guide to setting up your community teaching practice (the practical  application of offering Wise Earth Ayurveda in your communities).


violet-lightThe foundation teaching of Wise Earth Ayurveda is that ‘food is memory’.  In this unit you will learn about the importance of ancestral memory as well as the memories contained within nature’s blueprints such as the memory of the seed.  We will uncover the five elements and their influence on the senses and come to understand immunity (ojas) and how to nourish the body and mind by building ahara rasa.

Doshas, Seasons and Tastes

In this section we learn about the bodily humours or doshas, allowing you to understand your own unique constitutional type and how it intersects with the six seasons and the six tastes of Ayurveda.  You will be able to start creating programs of wellness for yourself and your friends and students in terms of food practices taking in account seasons, dosha and food types – making connections between these elements of the Wise Earth Ayurveda teachings.

Food Sadhana, Breath and Sound 

We will study the importance of chanting during food sadhana (with beautifully recorded chants led by Maya Tiwari).  We will learn how to create a sacred space and set up a Sadhana Kitchen in preparation for the food sadhana practices coming up in Part Four.  You will also learn some simple pranayama techniques (breathing practices) for healing yourself and others.

Kitchen Sadhana

This is the real essence of the training in which you will get into your kitchen and be guided through several practical experiences of sadhana including working with grains, vegetables, pulses, bread and chutneys.  You will experience the magical alchemy of sadhana – food traditions steeped in ancient awareness of the powerful resonance of food as memory.  This section also contains teachings on milk and ghee with a nut milk option for those following a plant-based diet.

Cosmic Anatomy and Healing Blessings 

field-violetWe conclude with a series of Wise Earth contemplations as well as reflection on the role of the chakras in our subtle anatomy.  Maya Tiwari offers a powerful mantra for healing the mind as the conclusion to our studies together.

Recipes and Seasonal Menus 

vegetablespicA full range of Living Ahimsa original recipes and menu / meal plans. Some of these recipes are also featured by our Master Teachers on our blog.